The Game

Imagine being locked in a room full of mystery and you have to figure a way to get out!

Break Through is an escape game designed for 3-6 people. This brain teasing game is full of challenges. Every corner, every wall, every drawer contains hints and clues that will help you escape…and you have 60 minutes to figure it out.

Can you handle the pressure? Can you think outside the box? Can you break through?

The Mask

You are trapped in an infamous killer's venue. Unfortunately he knows you are there and he is coming for you. Find your way out and gather the evidence to finally stop "The Mask" before he stops you!

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Skull and Scepter (Incoruptum)

Famous artifacts and artworks are being stolen from all over the world. Your investigations have led you to the radical religious sect known as The Order of the Skull and Scepter. Unravel a labyrinth of mysteries and secrets as you infiltrate the Order's bunker and put a stop to their crime spree. But beware... the Order will stop at nothing to make sure their plans are fulfilled. *NOTE: This game was previously known as Incoruptum

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The Ninja Protocol

Confusion. Amnesia. Who are you? Where are you? Enter a world where answers don’t come easily, and you may not be ready for the truth. Are you the hero of this story? Or something much more sinister... It’s time to initiate the Ninja Protocol.

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Hours:  By Appointment Only
Phone: 775-393-9882
Address: 1338 Howe Ave, Building B Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95825

"Awesome challenge, great fun, fantastic won't be disappointed"
from Nate H.
"This place is amazing…Fun for the whole family and great staff"
from Chris R.
"So much fun! Definitely worth the experience. I can't wait to go back and try another room"
from Laura W.
"We had a blast!!"
from Dan H.
"If you're looking for something super fun and challenging to do, this is it!"
from Nicky B.
"Had so much fun. One of the best nights in a while!"
from Courtney J.
"Fastest hour of my life! What a great game to make everyone work together!!!"
from Sara K.
"This was so fun, suspenseful and intense!"
Kelly K
"Such a great experience! If you're into strategic, intense, fun, adrenaline filled games, this place is for you"
from Frances K.
“The mood is set, the adrenaline flows, and the pressure is on"
from Cameron L.
“This was one of the most unique experiences I've ever had!"
from Clayton C.
“! This place is fantastic"
from Victoria J.
“If you enjoy puzzles, riddles and just having unique cool experiences, this is a blast!"
from Korva G.
“What a great team-building exercise and such a unique thing to do with friends, family, coworkers, etc."
from Tee S.
“It was an absolutely AMAZING adventure. One word to sum this place up would be AWESOME!"
from Destiny M.
“Go NOW! Seriously! Book a time right now!"
from Kathryn R.


Are tickets refundable?
No, all purchases are final and there are no refunds for cancellations. However, games can be rescheduled untill 24 hour prior the original time.

If the order is under my name, can I transfer the tickets to a friend of mine?
Yes absolutely. In that case please make sure you bring a printout of your confirmation e-mail with you.

Are drop-ins welcome or by appointment only?
Please reserve your game ahead of time to ensure your booking.

Can I use my phone in the room?
No. Phones, cameras, and any other electrical device which haven’t been approved prior are prohibited in the rooms.

Can children play the game?
Yes. The minimum age to play is 11 years old (per the game complexity) if accompanied by an adult. However, due to the complexity of the games we do not recommend these games for children under 14

Can we have a team of 2 people?
We recommend that groups of 2 find a 3rd person as it might be too difficult. Having said that, we will not turn you down if you are up for the challenge!

Do you have gift vouchers?
Yes! Please contact us by email to buy one.

Can pregnant women play the game?

Any questions? Please e-mail us at

family and friends

Family and Friends

Looking for a fun time with your family and friends? Look no further! This interactive escape game will push your problem solving limits while giving you a time to remember. Do you and your team have the skills to get out? Come and find out!

team building

Team Building

Need an affordable team building exercise? This game is not just a fun challenge. It pushes the limits of various important skills such as performing under pressure, thinking outside the box, working efficiently in a team, and creative problem solving. Are some of these skills important to you?

special events

Special Events (Coming Soon!)

Need a more extensive team building event? We will create a special event that includes group analysis with footage of the game, evaluations, and key take-away that can be applied for your daily business. We are very happy to work with you and construct a customized event tailored to your needs. Please contact us for further information.