Teachers and students can immerse themselves in the story while reinforcing Common Core Standards! We can create puzzles for all grade levels from Pre-K through University.

“..we took our high school students here for a field trip and it was great. The kids enjoyed it and I enjoyed seeing how Break Through was able to teach them to work together and think outside the box. Many students said they loved it and wanted to come back with their family and friends. We were able to watch the screens and figure out how students were participating and working together. A great place to go if you are wanting a fun adrenaline rush and a chance to see how good you are at finding & figuring out clues. The staff went before hand so we could experience how the student[s] were going to be feeling and we had a blast. My students have already been asking about when we are going next year and we definitely plan on making this an annual trip.“

-Taylor, May 2017 (via Yelp)

“These escape rooms are really well done and very hard to solve, but with the right players who have the dedication, wit, perseverance, and skill, you can break out!“

-ritad657, January 2017 (via TripAdvisor)

To book a once in a lifetime educational experience or for any further questions, please call Break Through at
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